This site is about managing the I.T. Center of an educational institution in the Philippines.

Particularly, it tells the personal experiences of Cyril Pauya in managing the IT Center of Notre Dame of Midsayap College, the first Notre Dame school in Asia.

Although the experiences here comes from managing the I.T. Center of an educational institution, most principles could be applied in any industry that uses computers.

Among this blog’s objectives are:

  • document relevant experiences of managing an I.T. Center;
  • explore practical technologies that would fit the I.T. Center’s goals and objectives;
  • effective management of I.T. resources;
  • benchmarking computer hardware and software;
  • best practices in computer repair and maintenance;
  • establishing and maintaining a campus network;
  • human resource management of I.T. staff;
  • define standard operating procedures of an I.T. Center;
  • rules and guidelines on responsible use of computers and network;
  • and many others pertaining to the use and application of I.T. in an academe;

Where to Begin?

We hope this site will help you establish your I.T. department in whatever industry you are in.  Be sure to bookmark this site so you can visit us again.


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